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Machine Intelligence on Quantitative, Fundamental and Sentiment Models. Your Statistical edge in software programming.

V Systems combines human expertise with the power of Machine Intelligence to constantly research, develop and provide Proprietary Screens and Strategies based on Quantitative, Fundamental and Sentiment factors. Hundreds of hypotheses are being constantly back-tested, the A.I. based system “suggests” and “tests” them on five-year historical data; and only most robust strategies, with excellent annual returns and risks, are provided to our users.

Get sophisticated, high level strategies for just the fraction of functions and costs.

Quantitative Factors
Including Trend, Momentum, Strength and Flow indicators, Correlations, Non-linear Regressions, and other relative actions.
Fundamental Factors
Including items such as Valuation ratios, Management Quality indicators and other business-related factors.
Sentiment Factors
Including quarterly financial reports, discussions in News & Blogs, Twitter sentiment, Corporate events and other factors defining market sentiment.